Rumorville – New Belgium Discontinuing Brands Including Belgo and Seasonals


 This Just In:

Rumor is that New Belgium will be discontinuing most of their seasonal brands including Snow Day Winter Ale, Somersault Ale and Red Hoptober, and sadly will also also discontinue their tasty Belgian IPA Belgo. While Belgo apparently isn’t producing high enough numbers (we tried our best), it sounds like the the regular seasonal beers will continue, but be different recipies and brands every year.

What Does This Mean?


While Belgo was a great beer and will be truly missed, we understand how seasonal beer brands can become stale and lost in the mix amongst today’s craft beer adventurers who seem to need to try every beer available just once and then move on. Cheers to New Belgium for keeping their seasonals fun new and fresh, but jeers for letting Belgo go. Obviously, if the numbers aren’t there businesses need to move on…but damn.

Our Advice

Buy Belgo while you can and hide it for a while. At 7% ABV and properly stored one should be able to get a few years out of it and it might be worth the novelty of having a sixer to bust out in 2016 after New Belgium buys out AB/InBev and continues its dominance of the market share with its carbon-neutral-wind-powered-Lips of Wha? super-beer that captivates audiences of all genders, races and intergalactic space wanderers while the dregs of the beechwood tanks are fed to futuristic super-cows that provide meat through genetic synthesis without losing their lives and all but crumbling vegetarian reasoning and returning harmony to the Earth.

Drink on that son.

Cheers from Rumorville




3 thoughts on “Rumorville – New Belgium Discontinuing Brands Including Belgo and Seasonals

    • The seasonal signs in our photo were taken down by a beer rep who explained we wouldn’t be needing them anymore. Instead of letting them go to the trash we took them home to spruce up the office. But this is just a rumor. We couldn’t confirm anything online either. Just remember that you heard it here first.

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