Brewsconsin Beer Review #8 – Lakefront Brewery Chad

Whose Turn?


Over the next seven years or so Lakefront Brewery’s “My Turn” series will release about three beers a year allowing employees to design their own beer for limited release featuring their name. Beer four in the series is an American-Style Barleywine known as Chad named after its creator Lead Cellerman Chad Sheridan.

Who is Chad?

Chad started at Lakefront Brewery in June of 2005 after his “beer guru” and and Beer Barons of Milwaukee Homebrew Club member Johnny O’Brien dropped his name to Brewery Owner Jim Klisch at the Chilton Beer Fest. Chad has worked there ever since and recently completed a short stint at the Siebel Institute of Brewing Science and Technology.

Where did the recipe come from?


“I drank up all the Beerline Barleywine that was in stock at the brewery the first year I was employed,” said Chad. “I took from the Beerline recipe 1/3 Organic Munich Malt, 2/3 Organic 2 row Pale Malt, 10% of bill split between Organic Red Wheat flakes, and I added Organic Dark Rye to the grain bill to add something spicy without changing the overall profile of the original base beer. The hops we had in stock were Organic Bravo, and so we used a bit more for additions in this beer than the Beerline had. So this beer has double the IBU’s than the previous version.”

Chad went on to say that one of the first beers he remembers seeking out to consume and one of the first all-grain beers he made with guru Johnny O in his early brewing career was a Barleywine.

“These beers were made for every ale-ment and for every person,” said Chad. “Barleywines get better with age, so being able to have beer that is ever changing and can stand the test of time. That is another reason for picking this style.”

Chad in the words of Chad

“The final product is rich, malty, multi-layered, and amber colored with off white head. It has rich strawberry rhubarb pie flavors and aromas with grapefruit, papaya, and other citrus notes in the nose. complex dried fruit and malt forward flavors dominate, undertones of toffee an peppercorn caramel, Chad finishes slightly malt syrup sweet with spicy pleasurable alcohol warmth. I really think this is a dessert kind of beer. This is a Barley Wine for a Brownie. That’s how I recommend enjoying this beer!”

Brewsconsin’s Opinion

Chad pours deep copper with an off-white/tannish head. The initial aroma is that of an Old Ale’s sweetness without the cardboardiness that often comes with it. The beer is very malt-forward and slightly biscuity with a nice balance of hop bitterness. Chad is full-bodied, has medium carbonation and just a bit of comforting alcohol warmth. Chad finishes bittersweet with a lingering something that makes us want to eat chocolate…or as Chad himself suggests, brownies. Damn son!

At $5.69 a bomber we would call this a steal!

Rate Beer: 4.2

Beer Advocate: 4.2

How does Chad like having a beer with his namesake?

“It’s nice to have a few brief moments in the craft beer spotlight,” said Chad. “Even if it is on the coattails of the Klisch brothers. There is a warm and pleasant feeling in my belly as of the moment. Whether from the glass of Chad in my hand at 11am, or the joy of my beer getting people a little less sober. It’s all Great! Maybe I’ll be around long enough to get another ‘Turn’!”


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