Big Beard Brewsconsin Beer Review # 7 – New Belgium Rampant Imperial IPA


New Belgium’s Rampant is a medium-bodied beer comes across as a little thin for the style and has a bit of hot alcohol warmth coupled with a very biting hop bitterness that is accentuated by high carbonation. Hop flavor comes across as a bit soapy but the head retention is great and the lace in my glass in beautiful. This beer will get you drunk and is a good deal financially for an Imperial IPA. It doesn’t touch Hopslam, but really, what beer can?
I feel like this beer has been produced for the masses as opposed to the Lips of Faith series that won me over after thinking of New Belgium for so long first as proprietors of Fat Tire instead of the innovative craft brewers and energy conservation gurus that they are. While I don’t think this beer will be one of he brands they are known for, I think it will be interesting as New Belgium tries to build a brand somewhere above your standard craft six-pack but beneath the four-packs and bombers. Central Waters’ Satin Solstice comes to mind as a beer that has nestled its way into this category…though Central Waters doesn’t up their price for their Imperial.

Price is fair @ $10.99/6

My Beer Advocate Rating 3.38

My Rate Beer Rating 3.3


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