Single Hop Beers – Ale Asylum’s Approach to American-Style Beers

Isthmus beer writer Robin Shepard recently wrote an article about the Ale Asylum‘s new Blood Red Ale which is a hoppy red ale served exclusively at the Ale Asylum. While I haven’t been in to the brewery to try it as of yet, I think the fact that the brewery uses Citra hops exclusively is an interesting example of how the Ale Asylum is doing something really unique with their American-style brews.

To sum it up: Remember the triple-hops brewed Miller Lite commercials? Yeah, it is kind of like that (because that is how most styles of beer are brewed) except the Ale Asylum likes to use one hop varietal exclusively for each beer giving beer drinkers an opportunity to understand how that particular hops bitters, flavors and aromatizes beer.

asylumAle Asylum brews exclusively use the following:

Hopalicious – Cascade

Ballistic – Amarillo

Satisfaction Jacksin – Centennial

Blood Red – Citra

Below is Shepard’s article and following that is the response I posted on the Isthmus web page.

Citra might be the most grapefruity of all hops surpassing the Amarillo Ale Asylum uses in the Ballistic IPA. One of my favorite things about Ale Asylum’s hoppy brews is their use of a single hops in each beer to help distinguish that flavor exclusively. A great way to learn about American hops is to sit down with a Hopalicious, a Satisfaction, a Ballistic and put them next to the Blood Red. Four American style hops featured exclusivel in four beers is pretty awesome.

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