Big Beard Brewsconsin Beer Review # 5 – Sprecher Citra Bomb

beer_194629What I really like about this beer is that it is out of Sprecher’s normal mode of traditional or German-style brews. It is completely unlike the rest of their brand and even comes in a different bottle. Citra Bomb has a strong malt backbone with a moderately high level of bitterness. Good hop flavor with decent aroma really make the beer fit the IPA style, though it is kind of a tweener between IPA and Imperia and I am not sure the hops came through as much in the aroma as I would expect for 100lbs.

At $6.99/bomber it might be a little much for me to buy again anytime soon, but I am glad to see Sprecher putting out some new and fun stuff.

Good, but not great as per what I expected.


My Rate Beer Rating 3.7


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