Big Beard Brewsconsin Beer Review # 4 – Sand Creek Weizenbock/Sprecher Dopple Bock

It was a fairly warm day by Wisconsin standards maxing out at a high of 29 degrees Fahrenheit, but still cold by my standards. The beers that jumped off the shelf and into my cart were a Dopple Bock from Sprecher and a Weizen Bock from Sand Creek and they certainly warmed me up as I did this beer review. Interestingly, neither brewery named the beers. They merely titled them after their style.

Anyway, here is my second video tasting/review. Watch as I stumble over my words and, once again, find a cat named Seamus sneaking his way into the spotlight.


Sprecher Dopple Bock pours a deep copper/amber and has a thin tan head which dissipates fairly quickly. The aroma is sweet with dark fruit and a bit of alcohol (not bad). Dark fruit continues into the flavor profile and is complimented nicely by a nutty sweetness. The beer finishes sweet and fast with dryness lingering on the back of the tongue. There is a slight alcohol warmth which goes great on a cold evening. If I ice-fished, this might be the beer I take along.Sand Creek and Sprecher

Price was great @ $6.49/4

My Beer Advocate Rating 4.35

My Rate Beer Rating 4.1


I was glad to see this beer at the liquor store because there are not a lot of commercially available Weizen-Bocks available and finding one from Wisconsin was a treat.

The beer poured clear with a small brownish head. It had a bit of banana in the aroma and flavor with a hint of cloves. I usually like Weizen-Bocks to have a bit more of that characteristic, but this one was decent. The beer had a good level of sweetness and tasted of dark fruits with a hint of chocolate. What I really like about this beer is how it made me feel warm inside without being hot. A great treat on a Wisconsin winter day!

Price was good @ $8.99/4

My Beer Advocate Rating N/A

My Rate Beer Rating 3.7


2 thoughts on “Big Beard Brewsconsin Beer Review # 4 – Sand Creek Weizenbock/Sprecher Dopple Bock

    • It wasn’t on beer advocate which is why there was no rating for me on BA. I tried to add it but you have to have ten beer reviews under your belt before you can add a beer so I just skipped it. It is on Rate Beer.

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