Beer Review # 3 – Ale Asylum Ballistic/Dark Horse Scotty Karate (at Open Mic)

I’m sitting at Open Mic which is hosted by my friend Phil. I’m drinking an Ale Asylum Ballistic and getting up the nerve to play my version of Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” in honor of my friend Benji’s Birthday. The beer is hoptacular and my mind is at ease. I get on stage and nail about 90 percent of the 40 percent of the original song I am doing and the crowd cheers–Likely because the two minute and 27 second song has concluded. Anyhow, I got off the stage (after singing my cover of “Smell Your Dick” by Riskay) and went back to the beer cooler only to find a Dark Horse Scotty Karate discount-priced at only $3 a bottle.

#winning #happybirthdaybenji


The hop aroma and flavor of this brew are a great example of a well-hopped American-IPA. What I enjoy most about the brew is that Ale Asylum brews it with only one hop variety (Amarillo I believe) so one can really appreciate and understand what that hop has to offer. Hopalicious and Satisfaction Jacksin are the same way, but with different hops.

Price is mid-range @ $9.99/6

My Beer Advocate Rating 4.26

My Rate Beer Rating 4.2


A well-done and highly bitter strong Scotch Ale with good alcohol content and warmth and a great balance and sweet dry finish. I really enjoy this beer and would call it one of my favorite Scotch Ales on the planet. Also in contention are Old Chub and Dirty Bastard. Scotty has a bit more balls than the others.

Bar price was great! – $3/1

My Beer Advocate Rating 4.23

My Rate Beer Rating 4.0

*This blog was powered by Sierra Nevada Celebration and a homebrewed APA that isn’t all that great


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