Big Beard Brewsconsin Beer Review # 1 – Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale is a well balanced American IPA with tons of citrusy hop aroma and flavor and a good amount of bitterness. It generally has that Sierra Nevada taste which all of their APA/IPA’s like Pale Ale, Torpedo, and Ruthless Rye have, but I think this is the most aromatic of the bunch and it kind of has that piney zest that makes me think of Christmas. In comparison, Ruthless is a bit dryer, Torpedo the most bitter, and the Pale the lightest and easy-drinkingest.


I really love this beer.

I have considered this beer my most anticipated seasonal for as long as I can remember. Price is good. $7.99/6

My Beer Advocate Rating 4.25

My Rate Beer Rating 3.9


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