Untappd App

Untappd is a smart phone app powered by foursquare which allows users users to document and rate beers they are drinking as they drink them.

I have been using the Untappd for about three weeks now and I have already “checked in” 68 times, tried 55 distinct beers (this included a lot of small samples), and achieved 16 badges. *Badges are like little rewards for meeting certain criteria. For example: Checking in to five different Trappist beers.


beer-rating app powered by foursquare

I enjoy having a log of beers and what I thought of them in my pocket because I talk about beer a lot in my daily life as a brewer at One Barrel Brewing Company and as a bartender at the nearby Tex Tubbs Taco Palace. It is beneficial for someone like myself who tries to sample ever beer I can to have notes and some sort of record of how I rate certain beers in case I am unsure in retrospect how the beer was received during the time of its imbibing.  Honestly, I think I will grow tired of the app as I seem to with all apps, including its parent app foursquare, but I think it is a great way to track one’s beer drinking patterns if one so desires.

But you don’t have to make my word for it. Try it out for yourself.


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